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If You Disobeyed by fillia26651 If You Disobeyed by fillia26651
After the new page of Zirra's Return came up today, I was really blown away with what was revealed. I knew it was the Hermit behind it all, but I didn't know he was literally behind EVERYTHING. Big twist. He makes Malefor second best in this situation. In fact if he really was behind everything and if he never had done anything, this-->… and this ->… WOULD have happened!

Okay, so lets get to the point of the drawing. After going through some of seera's old drawings that showed connections of The Hermit controlling Phony, even running into Sighria's old animation ->sighriadragoness12.deviantart.…. The phrase "...and you'll know what I'll do if you disobey..." is what popped out the most. Sense it was revealed the Hermit was behind the hatred Zirra recieved, it also meant that the Hermit has been controlling Phonorius sense the beginning, which means now that phrase suddenly has a whole knew meaning. So that's when I started thinking. What was the order given and what would've happened if it was disobeyed?

Well from what I could guess was the order to not care for Zirra in her time of need. After all when that phrase first popped up in "A Tale of Hope", Phony was worried about Zirra's whereabouts. That would seem to solve that part of the question, but what was the punishment? The hermit would have to have some major leverage and from the comics and Phonorius' ref, the three main things she would have cared about would be Zirra, her husband Mesphito, and her unhatched egg. Out of the options the egg is most likely for three reasons. It would be difficult to harm either Zirra or Mesphito as both could fight back. Also if she did end up killing either of them, it wouldn't go unnoticed. Thirdly, the egg is the most vulnerable. So basically, if Phony were to disobey the Hermit, he'd force her to destroy her own egg. 

But that also leaves another question, why was Phony being controlled and not under a hatred spell like the others? What is the Hermit's purpose for all this? Think I'll leave that to Seera to reveal the truth hidden within the truth.

Drawing belongs to me.

Phonorius belongs to-->:iconseeraphine:
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Seeraphine Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooooooooooh nice! :D That looks awesome! The lighting, the feel, the words, AUG! I love it X3 I love how you remembered the quote :clap: It does play a role.
Awww, I love reading about people's speculations :) It's so fun and keeps me excited ^^ I'm so happy you enjoyed the recent page and am very honored you like my story and drew art of it :D Thank you much! :D
fillia26651 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Your welcome,glad you like it.
LunaWolf4 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
At first I had believed it was the egg talking to Phonorius, but this was the first impression I had received without reading the description of this submission due to having been distracted. Now that I have come back and read the description entirely, and thought of every hypothesis given, it has left me disturbed, yet eager to read more of Seeraphine's comic.
KentFelix Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Student Digital Artist
It so creepy but i like it
Ekairim Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
okay, this thing that is possessing her is truly evil, but not too smart at the moment.
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